Whipps Cross Energy Centre


To enable redevelopment of Whipps Cross University Hospital, a significant number of existing buildings have to be cleared, including the IT department and boiler house, both of which are essential to the hospital’s operation.
The Energy Centre provides new permanent accommodation for these facilities. The aim of the project is not only to solve a short term functional requirement, but also to form a benchmark for the quality of design, construction and engineering expected of the redevelopment. The form of the Energy Centre is determined by its engineering needs, particularly in the creation of an envelope of heroic scale with limited openings on a site restricted by existing buildings, protected trees and the hospital site boundary.
The system has been designed to become a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant through the addition of gas powered turbines, with waste heat from the turbines being recovered to increase boiler efficiency.


Energy Center, Transport & Industrial,

Design benchmark for Whipps Cross University Hospital development, London

Location London, UK

Status Design

Photographer Kilian O'Sullivan