Little Gearies and Heathcote/ Glade Court, London


Avanti Architects is undertaking an innovative project to increase housing density in two estates located in the London Borough of Redbridge. The project aims to deliver a total of 136 new homes by implementing well-considered design strategies.

The scheme at Little Gearies delivers 103 affordable homes across 5 buildings with a high portion of 3 and 4 bed family homes. This includes two apartment buildings, each providing 35 units, together with 3 rows of terraces which deliver houses and flats located in ‘bookends.’ The estate currently faces challenges such as uncontrolled parking and limited diversity in outdoor spaces. To address these issues, new terraces are introduced between the existing blocks, establishing new home zones at the front and private and communal gardens at the rear. This approach not only removes cars from outdoor resident amenities but also provides a clear distinction between public, semi-public, and private areas.

The scheme is delivered in two phases with a modest number of units (11) demolished in the second phase to allow for the second flatted block to be built. The apartment blocks are clad in a burnt orange clay hung tile whilst the terraces are faced in brick. These materials are aimed at extending and refreshing the existing materials palette in a sensitive and considered manner.

The second project, located at Heathcote and Glade Court, consists of three infill developments across the two adjoining estates, delivering 33 affordable units. The new buildings are strategically positioned to minimize disruption to existing residents and enhance security and landscaping. These two- and three-story structures feature brick facades and pitched roofs, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. No existing housing will be demolished, avoiding the need for residents to relocate.

To meet GLA funding deadlines, the project has been developed on a fast-track program. Extensive consultation with residents has been carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic, utilizing newsletters, Zoom presentations, live chat rooms, and questionnaires. Avanti, leading a multidisciplinary team, has managed and coordinated all necessary surveys, implementing specific COVID-19 safety procedures for survey operatives.

Both projects have received planning consent with Avanti novated to deliver the projects with start on site in summer 2021.


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Location London Borough of Redbridge

Area UK

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