Oxlow Lane housing


Our project at Oxlow Lane provides 60 mixed tenure homes within a building that is highly responsive to the unique context and opportunities for retention of mature trees and enhancement of green landscape and public realm.

The building is folded and shaped to respond to existing mature trees, creating high quality publicly accessible landscape with meadow planting around the public edge of the site. The building scale is carefully modulated, stepping up to address the prominent corner on a busy crossroads. Materials and details are carefully considered, with elegant use of brick and well proportioned full height fenestration.

The building wraps a communal garden and protects it from the noise and pollution of a busy nearby junction. The building therefore an external formal civic character and a more informal internal identity with large projecting balconies providing apartments with a direct relationship with the garden.



Council Homes, London – UK, Residential, Social Housing, Urban Housing, Work,

Carefully crafted housing development responding to local context

Location London, UK

Status Design