New Addington Regeneration


Avanti was commissioned to lead a large multidisciplinary team for the £170m regeneration of New Addington. The work comprises masterplanning and design of a new wellbeing centre, 450 new homes, retail, restaurants and public realm. The new wellbeing centre accommodates a library, primary care centre, adult social care provision, children services, adult learning (CALAT) and office accommodation for various agencies and charities.

The masterplan includes the design of different typology housing blocks organised around a new public square and road network. A taller mixed use block serves as a market from longer routes towards the new square.

The Croydon tram runs located at the heart of the site require technical engagement with the tram authority and GLA.  Significant underground storm water storage also required complex negotiations with Thames Water. The need to adjust the boundaries of MOL land with no net loss involved consultation with inspectors to ensure the complex hybrid planning application was procedurally correct.


Credit CGI 1 and 2: Grant Associates


Masterplanning, Work,

Mixed use health led regeneration and masterplan

Status Design