Gloucestershire Royal Hospital


This PFI project creates a significant addition to a 1960s District General Hospital. It addresses the need for a new, modern and welcoming image and provides a striking architectural contrast to the existing ward tower and podium block to which it is attached. A series of interconnected, two-storey, sunlit ‘pavilions’, wrapped around the retained buildings, create an entirely new facade and entrance experience for the patients, staff and visitors alike.

The new buildings enable resolution of complex logistics and the separation of different types of internal circulation. New public spaces and a varied, welcoming landscape contribute to a friendly, ordered and efficient environment.

A full programme of specially commissioned art projects animates public and clinical spaces, especially the children’s centre and play areas.



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Transformation of a 1960s District General Hospital

‘An object lesson in civilised design’
Peter Scher, Hospital Development

Location Gloucester, UK

Area 18,000m²

Status Complete

Photographer Nick Cooney