Clapham Estate


Built in 1930s, the Clapham Estate accommodates around 350 residential units. It currently suffers from non compliance with Decent Homes standards, isolation from the surrounding residential neighbourhood and poorly configured open spaces.
Our redevelopment proposals sought to address these problems in a financially viable design which at the same time reduced the impact of phasing and decanting on residents. The design adopts a number of different typologies and scales – towers to respond to the town centre, linear apartment blocks to reduce the impact of the nearby railway, and terraces to extend the grain of neighbouring streets into the site. These elements are arranged around a combination of private gardens and generous new communal gardens. The overall redevelopment would comprise over 600 units at a density of 760hr/hectare.


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Densification of a pre-war estate

Location London, UK

Area 41,200 m²

Status Design