Behring’s Chocolate Factory

Rio de Janeiro

Behrings chocolate factory was built in the 1930s in the historic Port Maravilha area of Rio de Janiero. Following a period of decline and neglect the building was occupied by a group of artists, sculptors and fashion designers who created informal studios and offices within the old industrial spaces. Despite this successful colonisation, urgent attention is required to bring the building up to current standards.

Avanti’s regeneration proposals seek to bring back the former glory of the building by complementing the existing artist’s studios and offices with other functions including retail outlets stores, restaurants & café and commercial gallery & exhibition space. New circulation ramps, lifts and stairs cores are introduced to provide better vertical connectivity across the building. Our interventions also seek to provide better permeability and visual connectivity between former internal factory spaces and the factory yard.


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Regeneration of a chocolate factory in Rio’s historic port

Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Area 13,750m²

Status Design

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