Claudia Bloom


BA Hons, Dip Arch Hons, ARB

Claudia joined Avanti Architects in 1994 as a young architect with a broad experience of new build and refurbishment construction in the UK, USA and Middle East and a specialism in sustainable design. Having cut her teeth on transformative design with the innovative ACAD project and delivered Avanti’s first health PFI at Gloucester she was made Director with overall responsibility for healthcare in 2002.

Her deep knowledge of healthcare design enables her to devise elegant building concepts that marry high quality architecture with organisational clarity and people-focused care, abilities that have led to her being acknowledged as an industry leader.

Claudia is on the executive committee of Architects for Health, which helps her to indulge another great passion – foreign travel. She has visited hospitals in more than twenty countries over the past ten years across Asia, the Americas, Europe and Scandinavia.

When not in a hospital or at the office, she can usually be found in a swimming pool .

Organisational clarity and people-focused care

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