Two housing projects in Redbridge submitted for planning

02 November 2020

We are delighted to have just submitted planning proposals for new council-led housing across two housing estates in the London Borough of Redbridge. We have worked in close partnership with local residents to deliver a vision for the masterplans based around new well considered shared landscape, play cycling and walking routes.

Our proposals on the Little Gearies estate provide 103 affordable homes across 5 buildings with a high portion of 3 and 4 bed family homes. There are two apartment buildings delivering 35 units each with 3 rows of terraced houses with flats located in bookends.

The project at Heathcote and Glade Court delivers 33 affordable units across three infill developments across the two conjoining estates. The new buildings are strategically located where they have least impact on the amenities of existing residents and where they can deliver wider benefits to the existing residents through improved security and associated landscaping.



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New affordable homes in Redbridge