The 5 Affordable Housing Priorities Campaign

4th July 2024

Avanti fully supports the 5 Affordable Housing Priorities campaign, demanding improved delivery of affordable housing for all by any new incoming government, initiated by Architects Action for Affordable Housing including Pitman Tozer Architects, Mæ Architects, HTA Design LLP, Bell Phillips, Assael Architecture, Mikhail Riches and Grounded, and supported by Architects’ Journal.

This campaign identifies five affordable housing priorities and proposed policies that are fundamental to addressing the scale of the UK’s housing and affordability crisis.

Any new government must enact a long-term process of structural change in terms of funding and delivery mechanisms as well as a renewed commitment to increasing the level of delivery of genuinely affordable housing that is essential to the creation of vibrant, resilient and healthy communities!

Read the full campaign details here.



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