London Design Festival: Cities for Everyone

21 September 2023

On September 20th 2023, Director Adrian Miles joined with Charlotte Harris of Harris Bugg Studio, disability advocate and Paralympian Rachel Morris, Elisabetta Carattin of ARUP, and chair Manijeh Verghese, for ‘Cities for Everyone: accessible design is good for us all’.

As part of the London Design Festival program, this significant and thought-provoking discussion aimed to challenge the polarisation of able-bodied and disabled individuals in design. The conversation delved into the firsthand experiences of those encountering obstacles when accessing various spaces, emphasising the need to improve the built environment by addressing the multifaceted challenges people of all needs, ages, and backgrounds encounter. Rachel, in particular, shed light on the barriers faced by families when navigating the broader environment outside of school and home, notably the absence of accommodating facilities such as accessible restrooms and changing areas.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. Your wealth of knowledge and experience in advocating for a more holistic approach to designing for people will undoubtedly help shape the future of our places and spaces!


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