Isokon Gallery talk: Gabriel Guevrekian

14 July 2022

A talk and book signing by Hamed Khosravi, writer of “Gabriel Guevrekian: The Elusive Modernist” is being hosted by the IsokonGallery on the 14th of July. Please visit the gallery website for booking information for this free event at

The Isokon Gallery is the realisation of Avanti’s original ambition to create a place where the Isokon story could be told and hosts events and a programme of exhibitions exploring the rich cultural heritage of modernism in the UK and beyond.

John Allan (Avanti former Director) and Fiona Lamb set up the Isokon Gallery Trust as a charitable enterprise with Magnus England, managing director of furniture store Skandium. The Trust, working in partnership with the National Trust, has been funded entirely by charitable donations and sponsorship

Links for further information: Isokon Gallery and Isokon, Lawn Road Apartments.


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