Isokon exhibition – Jacques & Jacqueline Groag

28 February 2020

The Isokon Gallery’s new seasonal exhibition features the life and works of former residents, Jacques & Jacqueline Groag.

Jacques Groag, architect and furniture designer, and Jacqueline Groag, textile and pattern designer were Jewish émigrés to London and lived in the Isokon Building alongside, splitting their time between Vienna and Czechoslovakia in the 1940’s and 50’s.

The exhibition features a range of their illustrated works from the Festival of Britain to the Austrian new modern living Werkbundsiedlung and fabric for a dress worn by the future Elizabeth II. It also describes their vibrant social circle including well-known philosophers, architects’ & photographers; Ludwig Wittgenstein, Adolf Loos, Josef Hoffman and Trude Fleischmann.


More information on the exhibition here:


And on the Avanti’s restoration of the Isokon here:


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