Handover of Banbridge Health and Care Centre

30 November 2015

Construction of the Banbridge Health and Care Centre is complete and the new building has been handed over to the Southern Health and Social Care Trust due to open early 2016.

This flagship centre represents a new building model for the delivery of services to the Banbridge Community and will function in three ways. Firstly to provide community outpatient treatment facilities for Banbridge and the surrounding area. Secondly, the facility accommodates learning and physically disabled clients who can easily avail of the adjacent community treatment facilities. Thirdly, the building is an administrative centre for Trust Healthcare. The design solution has sought to maximise natural light in internal areas, provide views out to landscaping and from circulation and uses the atrium and stepped courtyard as a heart to the building and establishes visual connections with the building perimeter where possible. This strategy also serves to provide break out areas in corridors avoiding extended lengths that could feel institutional in character.

Rather than an enclosed inward looking plan the building connects to external courtyards that are generously proportioned in terms of width and height. Planting and sculpture will provide stimulus and provide reference points to help orientate users when circulating around the building. The integrated art strategy will play an important role in lifting the quality of the internal and external spaces, increase legibility, wayfinding and create a welcoming and therapeutic environment.


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