Go ahead for Tybald’s Regeneration

Architect’s Journal – 19 June 2013

Camden Council has given the go-ahead for the £20 million revamp of the Tybalds Estate in Holborn, London.

The scheme, which has been drawn up by Avanti Architects, Duggan Morris Architects and Mæ Architects, includes 93 new homes and the refurb of some of the existing 360 properties dating from the 1950s and 1960s.

The new ‘family housing’ will be built on underused plots around the 2.3ha estate next to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. There will also be ‘side, rooftop and underbuild’ extensions to the surviving blocks.

Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design and landscape architect Camlins are also working on the project which includes ‘significant’ improvements to the public realm and a 12 per cent increase in the amount of useable open space.

The proposals will be delivered in four phases and will take around five years to complete. No homes on the estate will be demolished.



• 93 new homes in new buildings, and side, rooftop and underbuild extensions to existing blocks. 68 will be affordable homes.

• Significantly improving the public realm, landscape and open spaces within and around the estate, including new courtyards and new granite paved urban square. The amount of useable open space will be increased by around 12 per cent.

• Improvements to the two existing community spaces on the estate. There will be a 21 per cent increase in community floorspace.

• The creation of a new street and shared surfaces areas

• A new combined heat and power (CHP) system for estate.

• Improvements to existing residential blocks, with new brick overcladding and insulation to replace the grey corrugated metal cladding added 20 or 30 years ago to the ends of a number of blocks and staircases.


Avanti Architects has designed the proposals for the extensions and additions to existing post-war buildings on the estate. Duggan Morris Architects and Mæ Architects are responsible for a number of standalone new build blocks and additions on underused open areas within the estate that seek to create a coherent and well-structured urban form and reintroducing active street frontages.


Duggan Morris Architects and Mae Architects in collaboration – architects for the standalone buildings

Camlins – landscape architects


• Cost consultant, employers agent and project management – Kim Sangster Associates

• Structural engineering – Campbell Reith

• Mechanical & electrical engineering – TGA Consulting Engineers


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