Be First housing – two sites submitted for planning

03 January 2020

Avanti Architects have recently submitted planning applications for two sites for BeFirst in Barking and Dagenham.

The two schemes deliver new affordable homes for Barking and Dagenham’s housing company Be First – 83 homes on Roxwell Road and and 60 on Oxlow Lane. The projects aim to improve the quality and diversity of housing offer in the borough to create high quality mixed tenure housing with re-greening of public realm within the site and high standards of sustainability and energy efficiency to address fuel poverty.

As described in more detail on the Roxwell Road and Oxlow Lane project pages, both sites present unique opportunities. Roxwell Road substantially improves the relationship between the site and the existing public park – opening up the site to views and increased permeability. At Oxlow Lane, the frontage is defined by a folded elevation shaped by the mature trees on the site, with creation of new meadow planting to a publicly accessible public garden softening the busy crossroad location.


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