Avanti visit “Living with Buildings”

19 December 2018

Members of Avanti team recently enjoyed a visit to Wellcome Collection’s exhibition Living with Buildings, followed by dinner in Wellcome’s Level 2 restaurant Kitchen – both recommended!!

The Exhibition looks at the relationship between health and architecture, exploring how our built environment affects us. Former Avanti director John Allan has also contributed to some of the early exhibition research on the Finsbury Health Centre

Emily Sargent, curator of the exhibition, writes:

This exhibition examines some of the ways in which architecture and the built environment interact with concerns of health and wellbeing. It traces the stories of those living in appalling conditions in overcrowded and unsanitary 19th century slum housing and the responses that architects and urban planners mounted to this …. The exhibition revisits the vision laid out for post-war development …

illustrates the close connection between housing, politics and health – and the role artists, writers and film-makers can have in drawing out the voices of those living in unsafe housing.  [Quoting from Charles Dickens to voices of those living in or close to Grenfell Tower]

[The exhibition showcases] the Modernist designs for London health centres in Peckham and Finsbury, the cancer charity Maggie’s that creates comforting and uplifting spaces for people affected by cancer….  and an innovative mobile health clinic …. designed to provide effective, adaptable healthcare in emergency situations.

For more information on the exhibition, visit the Wellcome Collection’s website here


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Wellcome Collection Exhibition