Avanti Architects hosts INSPIRE work experience students

28th February 2024

This week, Avanti Architects opened our studio as part of our ongoing collaboration with INSPIRE Education Business Partnership, hosting two GCSE students for work experience placements.

During their time at Avanti, Sharon and Abaan were immersed in our studio environment, experiencing first-hand the dynamics of working in the industry. Under the guidance of our experienced team, such as Director Amir Ramezani and Architectural Assistant Lionel Giordano, the students were given the opportunity to engage in various aspects of architectural practice, from conceptualisation to project execution.

One of the highlights of the work experience placements was the opportunity for the students to actively participate in their own studio-based project. They were encouraged to contribute their ideas and fresh perspectives into redesigning the Avanti studio, gaining invaluable insights into the collaborative nature of architectural design. Guided by our team, the students were able to witness firsthand the iterative process of design development, learning how ideas evolve and transform into tangible architectural solutions from 2D to 3D through the use of CAD software.

They learned the importance of critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication, key skills beyond the realm of architecture. The students were encouraged to approach challenges with creativity, learning to adapt and innovate outside of their usual educational setting. We welcomed their presence in the office, and congratulate Bridge Academy (Hackney) on having such wonderful students!


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