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Nile Street View 1 Day

Nile Street Mixed Use Development


This £110m regeneration project in the heart of Shoreditch continues a successful 10 year collaboration between London Borough of Hackney and Avanti which has delivered multi award winning projects. Other

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Ram courtyard website

The Ram Quarter, London


Avanti Architects have been appointed to undertake lead consultant, architect, heritage and interior design services on the historic and iconic buildings of the former RAM Quarter. The project involves the

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SWaN Regeneration


Avanti was commissioned by the Home Group for the redevelopment of 574 new homes across three sites in Sheffield, known as SWaN (Scowerdons, Weaklands and Newstead). The project involves the

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Long View

Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

New build family home in the grounds of Past Field house, Henley

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Farm Place


Avanti Architects obtained planning consent for the Borough of Dacorum and Aldwyck Housing Association for 26 affordable homes within a reconfigured site on Berkhamsted high street. Avanti’s proposals provide a

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The Homewood


Restoration of a modern historic residence to create a ‘living museum’

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