Technical Innovation

Across all our sectors, new methods of construction including off-site prefabrication and modular construction. Our high standard of BIM integration, and in-depth sector expertise has allowed us to create strong partnerships with innovative construction partners incorporating a range of technologies.

We seek to apply the benefits of prefabrication and enhanced design coordination to enhance design outcomes. For example, have developed prototype bathrooms, integrated bedheads and other components for hospitals which deliver improved solutions in terms of practical benefits – hygiene, infection control, speed of construction – as well as aesthetic.

We have worked with a number of leading residential modular fabricators to develop prototype living units, and are delivering prime residential housing in central London using pre-fabricated envelope technology.

The sustainability advantages of off-site technology (through minimising waste and use of low embodied carbon materials) is a key motivation. Two of our most recent schools are built from CLT (cross-laminated timber) which takes carbon out of the atmosphere for the life of the building as well as delivering high levels of precision and shorter construction times.


Our Ethos, Technical Innovation,

” Innovation and improved outcomes through research and collaboration”