Creating places that enrich and support people’s lives and aspirations is central to what we do. The spaces we create within and between buildings form the framework for communities to come together, to work, play, learn and celebrate.

Successful places come out of a collaborative creative process, working with communities to capture meaning, understand needs and make places inclusive and accessible.

We also need to understand how we fit into a wider network of movement and permeability, harnessing the dynamic nature of urban environments to bring transformation to communities.

Our expertise in multiple sectors allows us to understand how we can mix and layer uses to activate places. We create places where cultural, educational, commercial, health and residential uses around new vibrant and exciting community-orientated spaces.

See projects including Nile Street, Tybalds Estate, Walworth Town Hall and Ram Quarter for further information on our approach to placemaking.



Our Ethos, Placemaking,

” We work with communities to create places that have value and meaning”