Health and Wellbeing

Our championing of good design in healthcare projects is based on an evidence-based understanding that good design can lead to measurably better health outcomes. This has led to a series of exemplar hospitals and community health projects that place the experience of patients and staff at the centre of the design process.

Our approach is informed by clear strategies for the creation of legible, user-friendly environments that reduce stress and improve wellbeing. Key themes include use of daylight, well-coordinated, clutter-free interiors, clear wayfinding and use of colour and materials. We collaborate with health practitioners to develop architectural solutions that incorporate current best practice and innovative, forward-thinking clinical strategies.

Our belief in driving change and improving health outcomes in the wider community informs our approach to other building typologies and urban design. We support the campaign for Healthy Streets whereby good design practice can encourage and enable walking and cycling by reinforcing traditional, permeable street patterns and minimising car impact.

In all our sectors, good building design can enhance wellbeing by minimising lift use, by greening the environment, and by embedding landscape and walkable routes.


Health & Well Being, Our Ethos,

“Promoting health and wellbeing in the built environment is an aspiration in all our projects.”