Trumpington Community College


A new build 750 pupil school with enhanced community sports provision serving the new community at Clay Farm.

The school is designed around Danish school models with compact planning, allowing a large proportion of unstructured teaching with a high level of connectivity. The school also has a specialism in science which will be showcased in the interior of the school.

The design of the school follows a high sustainability agenda including the school’s commitment to sustainable transport through cycling, walking and the low carbon guided bus.


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The first new school building to be built in Cambridge in 40 years

‘It is lovely to see the children working in a building which is beautifully designed and allows for different types of learning.’

HRH Duke of Gloucester

‘I was delighted at the pupils’ reaction when viewing the school. They are clearly really excited to see it and it’s great to see they really think it’s a school to be proud of.’

Executive principal Andrew Hutchinson

‘This is just a fantastic facility to have, not just for the school but for the community as well.’

Head of school John Jones

Location Cambridge, UK

Area 8,000m²

Status Complete

Photographer Jack Hobhouse